Swiftsure Partner Verephi Exhibits at Major Healthcare Expo

June 6, 2015 –

It’s 10 o’clock. Do you know where your endoscope is?

If you’re on the receiving end of medical treatment – or are a healthcare provider – the effective management of equipment and devices that contain patient data is crucial. Swiftsure’s partner Verephi is at the AAMI Conference & Expo in Denver to launch its RFID-based solutions that help secure electronic protected healthcare information (ePHI) and ensure equipment maintenance.

The Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation event is expected to draw more than 1,800 healthcare technology management professionals and over 200 equipment vendors to the Colorado Convention Center June 6-8.

Verephi is at booth 248 to demo its solutions that inventory, monitor and secure ePHI-containing devices – think scanners, pumps, faxes and tablets – and ensure authentication of equipment maintenance data. Its integrated software and automatic data capture system improves operating efficiencies, boosts safety related to equipment tracking, cleaning and service maintenance, assists with regulatory compliance and mitigates financial risk.

Verephi makes data capture simple and secure

At the expo Verephi is showing its solutions that write equipment maintenance records into passive RFID tags attached to medical services devices. The tags can also include unique equipment identifiers (UDI).

Verephi’s method of locally storing maintenance records on equipment means that a device’s history of usage and servicing can be retrieved at any time using a handheld or fixed-location RFID reader.

The system also alerts users about devices’ compliance status and makes sure that maintenance records are never disassociated from the devices. Verephi’s technology helps prevent use of non-compliant equipment that can compromise health delivery through failure or contamination and reduce lapses in securing devices that capture, store or transmit ePHI – problems that often lead to severe financial penalties.

Unlike RTLS solutions, which can be cumbersome, complex, expensive and draining on network resources, Verephi’s system is a simple, affordable way to conduct activities necessary to meet HIPAA and Joint Commission mandates.

Verephi is a member of AAMI.