rfidCollect Exec Gives Testimony Supporting Maryland Bill

Feb. 27, 2019 – Seattle and Columbia, MD – Tim Buckley, co-founder of rfidCollect, today gave testimony in favor of a funding bill before the Maryland House Ways and Means Committee in Annapolis, MD.

Passage of House Bill 0668 would mean that certain proceeds from video lottery terminals (VLTs) would continue to be distributed to the state’s small, minority and women-owned businesses in 2020.

Mr. Buckley told the committee that the VLT fund had helped rfidCollect, an OEM and developer of RFID- and sensor-based resource management solutions, bridge hardware and software development costs to fulfill customer orders. The funds, he said, also went to hire temporary resources and staff for business and sales development and to execute proofs of concept and pilot programs.

Mr. Buckley pointed out that in 2018 four of the contracts rfidCollect generated were Maryland based and utilized two Maryland manufacturers.

rfidCollect’s Maryland projects included developing an advanced data collection system for a refrigerated pharmaceuticals distribution and dispensing company, conducting a proof of concept for food temperature tracking of in-hospital patient food delivery at Georgetown Hospital, and designing and implementing an RFID-based construction worker monitoring system at a large classified R&D facility in Laurel, MD.

About rfidCollect, LLC

Swiftsure Group affiliate company rfidCollect, LLC, is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and developer of RFID- and sensor-based advanced data collection solutions. Its main offices are in Seattle and Columbia, MD. The company’s tagging, hardware and software applications are used to track and manage products, assets and people. Its customers have substantial regulatory compliance requirements and/or need enhanced inventory management and environmental controls for product efficacy and safety. rfidCollect’s target markets include pharma research and production, food production and distribution, data centers, healthcare, warehousing and logistics.