RAIN sees bright future for RFID

Oct. 8, 2014 – RAIN, an alliance promoting UHF RFID, hosted 50 attendees at its first members meeting. The September event featured presentations by international industry leaders, including several Swiftsure Group partners. Among speakers were Steve Schattmaier with Tyco, Impinj’s Chris Diorio and several Intel innovators.

“Smart tags can do much more than provide inventory control,” said Dr. Frank Honoré, of Google X. “A rapidly growing use of UHF RFID is as a platform for embedded sensors. Some examples are bio-medical sensing, infrastructure monitoring, agriculture and environmental tracking and detection. Cloud infrastructure will enable rapid development and deployment of large scale applications. An ecosystem of consumers interacting with tags in their environment will drive innovative new uses for UHF RFID.”

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RAIN was formed by Google, Intel, Impinj, and Smartrac in April to promote awareness, education, and initiatives to accelerate UHF RFID adoption in business and consumer applications.