Swift-ID SID400 RFID reader and Swift-ID SID830

The Swift-ID SID400 reader and Swift-ID SID830 embedded Android controller are a powerful, compact combination that creates affordable, intelligent, integrated RFID systems for inventory management, personnel tracking, access control, kiosk solutions and industrial automation. See below for other high-quality hardware Swiftsure Group provides as part of its data collection and management solutions.

Swift-ID SID400
Swift-ID SID830

The Swift-ID SID400 is a UHF EPCglobal Gen 2, USB-connected reader/writer powered by a RAIN-compliant Impinj Indy RS2000 module. It provides a 16-pin terminal block with four GPIO ports, and 5V and 12V outputs. Its USB 2.0-to-serial bridge with configurable vendor ID allows for white label solutions. The SID400 accommodates four antennas. System functions can be monitored through status LEDs.

The Swift-ID SID830 is a full-featured embedded Android computer. Running Android 6.0 Marshmallow, it has 2GB of RAM and 16GB of ROM, with enough memory and storage for sophisticated applications. The SID830 provides integrated Android for Work (AfW) management capabilities and Google-specific services. It connects to the cloud or private networks using Ethernet, WiFi, Bluetooth and optional 3.75G HSPA+ cellular.

Swift Start Kit

The Swift Start Kit is a pre-configured all-in-one RFID system for industrial use. It has a track record of reliability and durability in harsh conditions, from the heat and metal dust of steel mills to rough treatment at construction sites. The Swift Start Kit gives users actionable data about assets and resources in extreme environments, in real time.

RFID swift rapid quick start kit
  • Pre-configured all-in-one RFID system – power, SID400 reader, on-board computer, surge protection
  • Pre-installed antenna cables and power cord
  • Steel 12” x 12” x 6” junction box
  • API support
  • Available with integrated data management solutions
  • Requires external RFID antennas

Swiftsure Group is also a reseller of leading hardware manufacturers who provide high-quality, reliable products for integrated, customer-tailored data collection and management solutions.

 – FCC and ETSI compliant portable and fixed location RFID readers
 – Near and far-field RFID antennas
 – Customized and standard antenna cables and peripheral products
 – Standard and customized EPC Gen2 passive RFID, temperature sensor and barcode tags
 – 1D and 2D barcode readers
 – Barcode and RFID tag encoders/printers
 – Integrated indoor and outdoor RFID equipment enclosure systems
 – Fully configured RFID equipment closures
 – Peripheral on-board RFID connected servers
 – Wireline and wireless networking IoT equipment