rfidCollect Displays Tech at Innovation Summit

Oct. 9, 2019 – Seattle – Swiftsure Group affiliate rfidCollect was one of a select group of companies invited to exhibit their technology Tuesday at Howard County’s Innovation Summit held at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab in Laurel, MD.

rfidCollect displayed information and technology – including RFID antennas, readers and tags – that forms its solutions for advanced asset and resource management, security, geo-fencing, workflow management and telemetry.

rfidCollect shows sensor technology

rfidCollect displays its sensor-based solutions at Innovation Summit

County Executive Calvin Ball hosted the event to announce a performance management system and website to improve data collection and analysis for improved effectiveness of services for Howard County residents, businesses and communities.

Dr. Ball also announced the first $225,000 Innovation Fund to support projects that benefit county residents.

rfidCollect showed its new edge network sensor management device, the RC4-IOT, a processing platform for IoT. The device improves front-end data collection for end users’ back-end resource management applications that require localized, automated, actionable data sourcing. It improves the speed and accuracy of identifying items and environmental conditions affecting them by eliminating the requirement for human readable and barcode labels.

The new reader also supports temperature sensing for critical facilities like data centers that must effectively manage power usage.

The Howard County Data Analytics and Statistics Hub (HoCoDASH) website is at https://dash.howardcountymd.gov/.

About rfidCollect

rfidCollect, LLC, is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and developer of RFID- and sensor-based advanced data collection solutions. Its main offices are in Columbia, MD, and Seattle, WA. The company’s tagging, hardware and software applications are used to track and manage products, assets and people. Its customers have substantial regulatory compliance requirements and/or need enhanced inventory management and environmental controls for product efficacy and safety. rfidCollect’s solutions are used in environments ranging from pharma and healthcare to data centers and construction. For more information go to rfidcollect.