Cold Chain Supply

The Swiftsure Group’s RFID- and sensor-based solutions monitor temperature during product storage, processing and transportation to ensure an unbroken cold chain supply. Low cost and fully integrated, they feature automated, actionable data download, alerts and reporting.

With a simple dashboard, users can track product integrity by monitoring a combination of product location, on-board temperature and associated environment while minimizing costly and error-prone manual involvement.

The company’s cold chain supply solutions generate data that helps maintain safety protocols, creates and maintains audit trails for regulatory compliance and certification, and triggers immediate alerts and notifications for time out of environment (TOE).

food pharma cold chain

An unbroken cold chain is crucial for food, pharma and biologics

Food and pharmaceutical producers, processors and manufacturers face large financial losses when temperature excursions occur. This is also true when moving products through the supply chain.

In some cases, particularly in pharma and biologics, it takes only a matter of minutes for products to slip out of permitted storage temperatures due to ineffective monitoring.  The cost of lost product due to non-certification or spoilage runs into billions of dollars each year and thousands of dollars per occurrence.

In 2015 the USDA estimated the economic cost of out-of-temperature based food spoilage, product rejection and recalls at $161.6 billion annually or roughly 40% of total food production. 80% of these problems are attributed to time-out-of-temperature excursions when product is stored or staged outside of acceptable ranges.

Estimated annual losses in pharma and biologic temperature excursions due to poor environmental monitoring and product rejection in 2015 were $35 billion. Clinical trial losses amounted to another $5.6 billion.

The Swiftsure Group is a systems developer and integrator specializing in RFID- and sensor-based solutions for healthcare, pharma, government, transportation, construction and other markets that require effective, reliable compliance, audit and safety management. Its proprietary software and hardware products include TOE solutions for cold chain as well as automatic data collection for tracking and verifying condition, maintenance and cleaning of IT and medical equipment.