rfidCollect Announces Three Successful Pilot Projects

Feb. 27, 2019 – Seattle and Columbia, MD – Swiftsure Group affiliate company rfidCollect, an OEM and provider of advanced data collection solutions, today announced completion of three successful pilot programs using its RFID and sensor technology.

Based in Seattle and Columbia, MD, rfidCollect developed and implemented systems that improved inventory management, increased resource visibility, boosted regulatory compliance and reduced product loss for customers in the pharmaceutical and manufacturing sectors.

For a global New Jersey-based pharmaceutical manufacturer, rfidCollect developed an open-source management solution that provides a closed-loop system to digitize costly, error-prone manual processes. The system automatically collects accumulated time out of environment (TOE) data for refrigerated substances used in pharma production. Temperature-sensitive products were affixed with either barcodes or RFID tags to collect externally hosted data accessible via a web console for real-time visibility. The system generates customer documentation as well as alerts and notifications for products outside of established time and temperature limits.

A second pilot involved engineering and implementing an insertable RFID module with an embedded reader, antennas and software for automated data collection inside refrigerated pharmaceutical dispensing cabinets. The easily replicateable, low-cost units enabled the Maryland-based cabinet manufacturer to retrofit existing cabinets to simplify reading and reporting of RFID tag data for safe storage and distribution of temperature-sensitive vaccines and injectables.

The third customer needed to locate and track graphite electrodes used in steel manufacturing, a challenging environment with extreme heat and radio-wave deflecting metal.  rfidCollect developed and installed a rugged system using RFID tags and antennas implemented inside the customer’s Indiana steel plants to document material’s usage and provide time/date stamps for product movement. Collected information is transmitted through a serial communications protocol that delivers data in real time to the company’s backend management system.

“All three paid projects demonstrated the viability of rfidCollect’s solutions to improve accuracy of front-end data collection necessary for actionable data analytics and IoT applications,” said Bruno Riegl, co-founder of rfidCollect.