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The Swiftsure Group is a systems developer and integrator specializing in RFID- and sensor-based solutions that improve operational processes, asset and inventory management, compliance and risk mitigation.

Swiftsure provides an array of cost-effective products and services, from conducting site surveys and creating plans that optimize resource management to project managing the implementation and integration of turnkey automatic data capture technologies and backend information systems.

The company excels in both public and private sectors, including government, education, healthcare, transportation, construction and manufacturing. Clients worldwide rely on Swiftsure Group to enhance inventory lifecycle, access control, supply chain and logistics management.

Swiftsure Group assists customers in the definition of system requirements and the sourcing and implementation of automated solutions for asset, inventory, resource and manufacturing management.

A trusted source for a wide variety of proprietary and third-party standards-based RFID hardware – both as standalone devices or as fully integrated solutions – Swiftsure Group is a reseller and VAR for industry leading passive and active RFID and sensor technology OEMs. The company specializes in the selection and integration of RFID tags, fixed location and handheld RFID readers, antennas and cables.

RFID retrofitted mobile work station provides 24x7 inventory verification

A medical cart retrofitted with Swiftsure Group’s RFID tracking solution provides 24×7 inventory verification

Swiftsure Group’s principal hardware product lines include:

  • FCC and ETSI compliant portable and fixed location RFID readers
  • Near and far-field RFID antennas
  • Customized and standard antenna cables and peripheral products
  • Standard and customized EPC Gen2 passive RFID, temperature sensor and barcode tags
  • 1D and 2D barcode readers
  • Barcode and RFID tag encoder/printers
  • Integrated indoor and outdoor RFID equipment enclosure systems
  • Fully configured RFID equipment closures
  • Peripheral on-board RFID connected servers
  • Wireline and wireless networking IOT equipment and systems installation