Swiftsure at RFID Journal Live 2014

Swiftsure returned from RFID Journal Live 2014 with an even deeper knowledge of proven industry solutions and innovations. Swiftsure, an RFID and resource management consulting group, has attended the event for many years to stay on the forefront of products and trends. The show was also a chance to further relationships and opportunities with such vendors and partners as GlobeRanger, American RFID, InSync, Impinj and Jamison.

The April event in Orlando underscored RFID’s coming of age. Past shows focused on RFID technologies – hardware, manufacturing, tags, etc.  This year displayed greater maturity, with increased end-user attendance and a shift toward demonstration of RFID-based applications.  The range of apps represented more vertical market segmentation, showcasing manufacturing, logistics, healthcare, law enforcement and aerospace.  “After years educating the market about the viability of RFID, participants spent more time presenting applications that assume RFID as a core technology in workflow and business processes,” said Swiftsure’s Bruno Riegl.  “There has clearly been a refinement in the development of RFID-based information management solutions, with substantial integration of mobile devices and mapping. Coming soon undoubtedly will be the increased use of RFID to support business analytics.”

Swiftsure’s international activities have picked up dramatically in recent months, with a focus on some unique markets and applications, most notably in the Middle East, where RFID is increasingly being used in a variety of healthcare, financial, oil and gas, security and education environments.  A key to Swiftsure’s solid reputation is having in-region implementation and support partners, as well as a select group of US-based information management software partners. Swiftsure’s experience in the region has been invaluable in breaking through ethnocentric and cultural barriers.

Following GlobeRanger’s well-crafted demo of RFID-based weapons at this year’s event, Swiftsure has been able to leverage the solution in several applications in Central and South America, where security has become a prime focus of numerous multinational, military and para-military organizations.