Swiftsure Group provides an array of mitigation services and solutions – from conducting inventory counts of medical, IT and other devices to verifying equipment condition, maintenance and cleaning. The company also offers products that monitor environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity for pharma storage, manufacture and shipping.

Healthcare-related organizations face a daunting gauntlet of HIPAA and Joint Commission compliance issues every day. Manual errors, time out of environment, misplaced equipment and misidentification results in wasted time, lost revenue, penalties and danger to patients.

Swiftsure Group uses RFID and sensor technology with event management software to give healthcare providers better lifecycle visibility of their assets. It helps manage equipment tracking and maintenance for regulatory compliance and clinical engineering.

How Swiftsure Group helps in healthcare and pharma

Physical Inventory

Swiftsure Group provides wall-to-wall physical inventory and verification of IT and medical equipment, device tagging, data reconciliation and appraisal services.

Data Capture

Swiftsure Group’s equipment management solutions embed data in hospital-grade RFID tags that locally store maintenance histories on equipment for audits and tracking.

ePHI Audits

Swiftsure Group conducts comprehensive audits of devices that record, store, transmit and receive electronically protected health information.

Automatic Data Collection

Swiftsure Group’s MEMRE™ solutions provide customizable data entry screens that integrate with barcode scanning, read/write RFID tags and environmental sensors. MEMRE is compatible with Windows, Android and iOS devices.

Equipment Maintenance

Swiftsure Group’s MEMRE-M mobile technology enables workstations equipped with Swift-ID RFID readers and flexible software to transparently conduct inventory verifications.

Equipment Monitoring

Swiftsure Group’s RFID-enabled portals automate equipment identification and generate alerts on out of compliance cleaning and maintenance using audible, visual and on-screen notifications.

Time Out of Environment Monitoring

Swiftsure Group provides integrated RFID and temperature sensor technologies to track time out of refrigeration (TOR) for pharma and biologics, product encapsulation processes and cold chain supply.